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Fluid Recovery Drink - Fast and Complete Muscle Recovery

Fluid Recovery Drink uses gluten-free complex carbohydrates and all natural fruit sugar to restore muscle energy levels. Fluid contains lactose-free whey protein isolate to enable your body to repair and rebuild lean muscle tissue. Fortified with 2500mg of L-Glutamine, Fluid helps to repair muscles and reduce inflammation, aches and soreness. Key electrolytes sodium and potassium help restore electrolyte balance. Immune boosting Vitamin C supports your immune system that can become stressed by intense training.
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Fluid Muscle Recovery Works in Two Ways:

Proportional Ingredients:

Fluid uses ingredients that work together to provide more benefit than taking them individually and delivers them in proper proportion to one another. That is why a precise ratio of complex to simple carbohydrates is used as well as a 2.8:1 ratio of protein and L-glutamine. These four ingredients are used in conjunction to maximize recovery and minimize soreness.

Timing of Ingestion:

Immediately after exercise, the doors of muscle cells that transport nutrients from the blood stream open wide and multiply in number. This allows the body to absorb nutrients faster than any other time of day, and repair itself at a highly accelerated level. This sensitivity only lasts for about 30 minutes and then disappears until the next exercise session! Because this recovery window is so time sensitive, solid food is NOT recommended post workout as it cannot be digested and assimilated in time for maximal recovery. Fluid Recovery Drink's formula is designed to absorb quickly, avoid any digestive problems, and begin the recovery process immediately.

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